Nieuws 2.6.2021

Antwoorden Kamervragen over vermelding Uitgeverij de Blauwe Tijger in Dreigingsbeeld Terrorisme Nederland 53
Beau van Erven Dorens toont geen respect voor Florens van der Spek
Begin 2020 dacht Van Dissel nog wel dat het aerosolen waren
Bewijs toont aan dat de pest een langetermijn effect had op immuniteitsgenen
BPOC 2020 – Politieverhoor 63
Covid-19 kan diabetes veroorzaken
De magie van geluid, frequenties en vibraties
Duitse rechter oordeelt – mondkapjesplicht illegaal en schadelijk voor kinderen
Duitsland onderzoekt fraude door corona-testcentra
Effect lockdowns overschat
Eutopia trailer – de uitgeputte chauffeurs die de EU draaiend houden
Fructose is een cortisolbooster
Gemengde gevoelens over tweede kans voor AstraZeneca-weigeraars
Gevolgen van langdurige blootstelling aan passief roken
Gommers wekt verbazing omdat hij in gesprek wil met voetballers die twijfelen over vaccinatie
Help kinderen in achterstandswijken met groene schoolpleinen
JDTV afl.137 – Ouderverstoting Deel 5
Jurist vindt nieuw chroom-6-rapport niet bevredigend
Kan Schiphol zoveel overlast rechtvaardigen?
Kankerspecialist wil rookvrije generatie in België
Kritische geluiden over covid in Amerikaanse media
Met elke appel die je dagelijks eet, vermindert je kans op dodelijke kanker
Ondernemers willen Hugo de Jonge, Jaap van Dissel en Marion Koopmans horen over PCR-testbeleid
Professor over coronavaccins – We hebben een grote fout gemaakt
Rutte tijdens Toeslagenaffaire actief meegeholpen de huisuitzettingen niet te stoppen
Tai chi kan gezonde voordelen van conventionele oefeningen bieden
Textielindustrie langs het duurzame meetlint
Tijdgeest Megazien van 1 juni 2021
Vaccinatiepaspoorten werken averechts – zoals blijkt in Israël
Vasten tijdens chemo brengt borstkanker verder in het nauw
Volgens dr. Bridle zijn zwevende mRNA “spike proteins” schadelijk voor ons hart
Waarom betaalde Europese unie geld aan het Wuhan Instituut ?
Waarom een relatie met je soulmate zo heftig is – en het vaak niet redt
Weer duizenden dieren levend verbrand omdat ze geen vluchtweg hebben
Willem Engel had gewoon gelijk
Zwijndrecht bezorgd over PFOS-vervuiling in bodem


117 Employees Sue Hospital in Houston over Vaccine Mandate
1st case of AstraZeneca vaccine blood clotting recorded in South Korea as man hospitalized
A circular food system can withstand crises like COVID-19 — and provide delicious meals
A New Fraud Algorithm From NOAA
A reminder that Pfizer is still testing their vaccine …according to their own documentation
A steamy soak could help control type 2 diabetes
A Technique for Regulating Emotion May be Effective in Disrupting Compulsive Cocaine Addiction, a Mount Sinai Study Has Found
Alarming Casualty Rates for mRNA Vaccines Warrant Urgent Action
America Might Have Funded the Chinese Coronavirus
American Pravda – George Orwell’s Virus Lab-Leak
Another Potentially Deadly Tick-Borne Illness May Be A New Problem
Antibody from cold can neutralize COVID-19 and could lead to vaccine against all coronaviruses
Arizona ‘refurbishes gas chamber and buys Auschwitz-style ingredients for executions’
As the Pandemic Wanes, Sexually Transmitted Infections Are Likely to Rise
Australia’s ‘biggest climate polluter’ takes Greenpeace to court
BBC Silent After London’s Massive March For Freedom
Brightest and fastest CME from the Sun to ‘sideswipe’ Earth tomorrow
Buch des Geologen Stefan Uhlig – Der natürliche Klimawandel
Canadian doctor – COVID response is slowly ‘dismantling’ ethics established after World War 2
Canadian Doctor Removed from Hospital Duty after Speaking out about COVID “Vaccine” Side Effects
Cellular Coded Emotions & DNA Create Reality
China Orders First Lockdown Since January As Indian Mutant Discovered In Guangzhou
China’s Watchdog Confirms 1st Case of H10N3 Bird Flu Strain in Human
Coal Activists Fight On in Heart-Wrenching New Film
Coronavirus Strain First Found In India Named “Delta Variant”
Could these eye drops to replace your reading glasses?
COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds More Than Triple in 1 Week
COVID-19 PCR Test – Knowledge Suppressed
Covid-19 variants to be given Greek alphabet names to avoid stigma
Covid-19 vs The Asian Flu of 1957
COVID-26? COVID-32? Prominent Scientist Warns That They’re Possible If COVID-19 Origins are Not Fully Investigated
Covid19 uncensored
De Grote Reset – of de grote omwenteling – betekent niets goeds voor de Duitsers
Diabetes remission diet also lowers blood pressure
Diabetic’s High Sugar Coming From Another Source
Diet for Hypothyroidism – A Natural Treatment for Hashimoto’s Disease
Docu Brainwashed America
Dr Charles Hoffe Speak Out On COVID19 Truths And Lies
Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the dangers of the novel COVID vaccine and it’s roll out
Drugs Are Poisoning Tulum’s Waters
Electroacupuncture Ameliorates Acute Pancreatitis
EU future debate should focus on ‘genuine people’ not ‘Brussels bubble’
EU, UK Raise Doubts About Covid Vaccine Patent Waiver
Ex-owners of polluting Italian steel plant convicted
Facebook ‘globalised Chinese-style censorship’ on Wuhan lab leak theory
FIBROMYALGIA Research Suppressed (Fibromyalgia Cure Discovered?)
Filmmaker Daniel Lambo sets off on a passionate quest to reveal the truth about the deadly asbestos industry
Fish and whales keep greenhouse gases in the ocean
Former FDA Chief on Wuhan Lab – Accidental Virus Leaks ‘Happen All the Time’
Fully Vaccinated Americans May Need COVID-19 Booster Shot by Fall
Gene plays major role in brain development
German Judge Investigated by Police after Ruling Compulsory Mask-wearing in Schools Unconstitutional
Ghost nets in the sea are ‘lethal for decades’
Glyphosate is farming’s favourite weed killer. Can NZ learn to live without it?
Government Plans to Solar Geoengineering the Planet Until Year 2100
Horse therapy for NHS nurse is ‘magical’
How To Get Rid of Dark Circles Permanently
How US mega-dairies are killing off small farms
How we got the science of weight loss wrong
Hunt for Wuhan’s “Patient Zero” reignites lab leak theory
Infertility Risks Of COVID-19 Injections, Spike Protein Shedding & Pfizer Is Self-Amplifying
Is Obesity a Choice? – with Giles Yeo
Lab-leak denials were ‘willful efforts to deceive’
Low levels of omega-3 associated with higher risk of psychosis
Low Vitamin D Linked to Depressed Teens
Mandatory Covid Vaccination Cannot Be Introduced In Russia
Masking Children is Child Abuse!
Mexico City – Ivermectin Reduced Hospitalization up to 76% in those who Tested Positive for COVID-19
Microplastic adulteration in homogenized fish and seafood – a mid-infrared and machine learning proof of concept
Military Veteran Leans on Fasting, Real Food, Exercise & Sauna to Beat Depression
Millions of Americans Decline Second Dose of Experimental mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines
More Deaths Among Vaccinated With Pfizer Than AstraZeneca
New ‘Swiss Army knife’ cleans up water pollution
New study reveal how smoking during puberty can cause negative consequences in offspring
Number of COVID Cases in Delhi Crashes after Mass Distribution of Ivermectin
Overconfident of spotting fake news? If so, you may be more likely to fall victim
Oxidative Stress, Ignored Key Pathology of Covid-19
Russia’s environmental issues | DW Documentary
Salon owner refuses appointments for clients who have had Covid vaccine
Scientists develop transparent electrode that boosts solar cell efficiency
Scientists show how LSD blows open the doors of perception
Sen. Tom Cotton slams Fauci for covering his track on his links to Chinese virology laboratory
Solar farms – A toxic blot on the landscape
Starch, Milk and Alcohol – How Have Our Genes Adapted?
Study suggests tai chi can mirror healthy benefits of conventional exercise
Swedish Professor Urges Investigation of Lab Origins of COVID-19 ‘In Minute Detail’
The ‘Fourth Turning Crisis’ Has Arrived
The covid vaccin on trial
The European Parliament Panel ‘Health impact of 5G’
The EU’s Net Zero plan faces political blowback
The Genesis of the Man Made Epidemic
The Great Reset Is NOW, Inflation Sparks Rising Prices And Shortages
The hunt for Wuhan Virus origins
The Impact of Peri-Implantitis on Systemic Diseases and Conditions
The Key Ingredients In Healthy Salads And How To Keep Your Adrenals Strong
The lost and lonely clitoris – why can so few people find it?
The Truth About Diets with Dr Giles Yeo
These women are amazing – A Lesson in how to challenge
Too many healthy women are having their labour induced for no identified medical reason, our study shows
UK government should abandon plans to lift Covid-19 restrictions in mid-June, say scientists
UK in early stages of third wave – scientist
UK scientists support covid ‘lab leak’ theory
Veteran Speaks on Health and Environmental Effect of 5G
Vitamin D deficiency was found in 82.2% of hospitalized COVID-19 cases
Was the virus “manipulated” in a lab?
What Matters About The Origins Of The COVID-19 Virus
Where Are The CCP’s Blood Samples From Sickened Wuhan Lab Workers?
Why Do You Not Have Authority Over Your Own Life?
Why electric cars will take over sooner than you think
Wikipedia may be branded ‘foreign agent’ if Russia adopts law imposing new rules on tech giants
Wuhan Lab Deleted Files Showing Fauci Authorized Funding for Risky Coronavirus Experiments
Wuhan lab leak theory ‘more comforting’ than a pandemic ‘springing up’
Zero Covid? Taiwan outbreak shows that’s not a long-term solution, says professor

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